Hi my name is Courtney. I write stories and sing them.

When I was a child, I loved a movie titled, The Thing Called Love (classic. do yourself a favor and go watch it. now), which is about a group of aspiring songwriters. I think that began in me this idea that songwriting was something I might actually do someday. I fell in love with everything I could get my ears on, from Joni Mitchell and Tracy Chapman to June Carter, Lauryn Hill, Jewel, Carole King and a lot of other goodness. I was so terrified to admit how much I loved songwriting, how alive I felt when I could sing those stories. All these years later, it's still scary. It's a constant state of risking. Standing on the cliff's edge of the place that I think will expose too much, and then going one step further. I've seen the best and most difficult parts of myself over the past ten years pursuing this dream, and I suspect that will continue to be true. I hope it does.


Recently I found myself missing out on the goodness that there is inside of us, around us. Missing all the grace that a day can offer, that a life can hold. I want to tell the stories that point us back toward the light, toward the love; even if we have to take the backroads and long ways around to get there; even though we won't always make it there before dusk, let's be the people that never stop trying to make it back. 


I was reminded that the beauty in us is still (always, unapologetically, irreversibly) burning so incredibly bright, even when we don't feel it. And these songs are what I would like for you to have, from me. 


You shine, darling.


I thank you for stopping by. I'm so grateful for you. God bless you.


All my love,



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Burning Right  -  2015

1. Good Again

2. Hey Jealousy

3. Make up your mind

4. Burning Bright


I Can See You Clearly

So Long, My Friend (Jayson's Song)


Jan 9th 2016

Room 5 / Los Angeles, CA / 8:30PM




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